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Smooth handover of Aided Costa Rican Police Academy

July 7th 2017 local time, technical handover ceremony of China aided Costa Rican Police Academy was held in project site in Limon. Technical Handover Certificate was signed by representatives of BUCG and Costa Rican Department of Police, followed by handover to project owner various technical documents including as built drawings, user manuals, maintenance manuals, etc. Deputy minister of DOP Mr Juan Jose , Academy headmaster Mr Lacayo, BUCG project manager Mr Song Dezhou and technical supervisor and team members signed on the handover certificate.

The delegation led by Mr Jose watched BUCG’s introduction film and listened to the briefing by Mr Song on project implementation and follow up maintenance plans as per contract. The delighted deputy minister remarked:’’ under generous aid by Chinese Government, this new police academy has become the largest and most renowned infrastructure project in not only Costa Rica, but also in whole Central America, with cutting-edge auxiliary facilities. Its role in promoting future development of Costa Rican police system is beyond doubt. BUCG has fulfilled its contractual obligations with celerity and stringent adherence to quality requirements. During project construction up to such successful handover, BUCG personnel paid upmost respect to local laws and customs. On this special occasion, I wish to extent my sincere thanks to BUCG for their extraordinary performance during the past two years, and to People’s Republic of China!‘’

Mr Jose further remarked that from level landmass to magnificence erected, BUCG has treated this find academy like its child. Like so, no less care would be expected from Costa Rica from this moment on. He also wishes future smooth cooperation with BUCG in running this facility.

Next, DOP engineers of all trade and technical supervisor made their speeches individually, all but none expressed their high regards to BUCG’s level of profession and dedication.

Technical Supervisor Estaban remarked that he is very satisfied with BUCG’s works, every time he visited the project he was astounded by Chinese workers’ efficient and quality-oriented workmanship. Coordination has always been well planned and specific. To him the 2 year cooperation has been nothing short of a delightful experience.

Electric Engineer Adrian remarked that Chinese contractor has done extremely well in both heavy-current and weak-current engineering. All jobs started and closed with high level of professionalism. He treasures all the opportunities he had of exchanging with and learning from BUCG technical and managerial persons.

Architectural Engineer Carlos remarked that the past two year cooperation has been enriching and fulfilling, not only did he witness the expertise of BUCG, but also he had gained insightful grip on Chinese cultures.

Structural Engineer Gustavo remarked that BUCG is a very committed and responsible company, its commitment to quality and efficiency touched him profoundly during his past two year experience, that BUCG to him is not only a friend, but also a teacher.

With the signing of this handover certificate, Costa Rican Police Academy now moves into maintenance stage, construction and technical team will see to proper arrangement and organization to facilitate the following maintenance works in the next 1-year warrant period.

According to the agreement between two governments, the governmental handover ceremony is planned to be held on August 28th 2017. Project owner plans to open the police academy in October, 2017. BUCG will provide unreserved assistance in the handover matters between Chinese and Costa Rican Governments, to see the project handover through and the bridge of friendship between two peoples erected and standing forever.