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BUCG won the first Luban prize overseas

In October 31st , the list of selected projects of China Construction Engineering Luban prize (overseas project) in 2016-2017 was announced. Beijing urban construction group, with the aid of Algeria opera house project, after rigorous selection, won another "small gold medal" trophy. This is also the group's first overseas project that bears the honor.

the Luban prize China construction project founded in 1987, review once every year, award once every two years, is the highest honor of Chinese building engineering quality award, known as the "Chinese architects Oscar". The Luban prize was awarded by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the China Construction association.


The project aid in October 9 and started in July 5, with an area of about 33000 square meters, totally construction area of about 18000 square meters, a total investment of about 300 million yuan. The project officially transferred in February 24, 2016. Since the start of the project, the Algeria opera project has been set up to ensure the quality of the the Great Wall cup, the completion of the the Great Wall cup, and strive for the "Luban prize" quality goals. In the field of structural construction process, Algeria project management team, strive for excellence, strict quality control. From the concrete pouring to disassembly maintenance, high standards, to ensure the architecture; equipped with independent laboratory construction site, standard curing room, equipped with full-time staff to strictly control the whole experimental work, to ensure the quality of the project construction site; strict planning, on-site environmental protection and safety guarantee system in place. Through strict implementation of norms and scientific organization and management, the project realized the the Great Wall cup (structure, completion) gold medal and Luban prize double harvest.

At present, Algiers opera house has successfully completed many performances, which is the best place for performance in Algiers. As the Maghreb's first modern opera, and the same type of opera in Syria, Egypt, relay Oman, the UAE's fifth grand opera, Algiers opera has attracted wide attention of leadership and the people of Algeria country, witnessed the friendship between the two countries, the Beijing urban construction also expanded the brand in the local influence and recognition.

the Beijing Urban Construction Group will not forget the early heart, remember our mission, the implementation process to strengthen the quality of management in overseas engineering, respect the local legal requirements and industry standards, high standards and strict requirements, conscientious management, striving for more overseas engineering Luban prize.