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BUCG won the bidding of the water environment treatment project for the first time

On February 9, the combo made up of our group, Beijing Drainage Group Co., Ltd. and North China Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute successfully won the bidding of the water environment treatment engineering PPP project of Beihai Binhai National Wetland Park (Fengjiajiang Basin).

The project is the specifically implemented task of the important instruction presented by General Secretary Xi Jinping while making inspection in Beihai “Build the wetland ecological area of marine biodiversity well” as well as the first large water environment treatment (national wetland park) PPP project, which symbolizes the new situation of our group in green development, and shows that our group is becoming an important participant and active contributor in the ecological civilization construction field step by step. The project is also the specific implementation of major client strategy in our group, which has further consolidated the cooperative relations of industrial chain of both parties at the same time when foreign market is expanded jointly with Beijing Drainage Group Co., Ltd.

With a total investment of RMB 2.528 billion, the water environment treatment engineering PPP project of Beihai Binhai National Wetland Park (Fengjiajiang Basin) is the landmark project of ecological environmental treatment in Beihai, which is of great importance in improving ecological environment of Fengjiajiang Basin, protecting Silver Beach and mangrove forest, promoting urban sustainable development and etc. The project construction site is located in Beihai Fengjiajiang, Liyudi Water Reservoir, the east section of Railway Open Channel and Sanjiang Open Channel, the engineering construction scope includes the main stream of Fengjiajiang, Liyudi Water Reservoir, the south section of Sanjiang Open Channel and the east section of Railway Open Channel, the main construction contents include the source control and sewage interception engineering, the internal source treatment engineering, Daguansha reclaimed water plant and the water replenishing pipeline engineering, the water conservancy river channel engineering, the ecological restoration engineering, the sponge city engineering, the landscape engineering and the intelligent water system engineering. In the engineering, it is required to lay 34.236km sewage interception pipeline, lay 725 sewage inspection wells, 23 working wells, 24 receiving wells, 9 initial rainwater detention tanks, 9 discarding wells, 5 integrated lift pump stations, clear out sediment of 1.0497 million cubic meters to be handled, and dehydrated sludge of 168.2 thousand cubic meters. Due to huge engineering volume and complicated system, it features great difficulty in construction and high technical requirements. Our group will give full play to the advantages of the entire industrial chain, adequately demonstrate the quality of national craftsmanship, build a river with clear water quality, fresh air and natural ecology, and dedicate the wisdom and strength of urban construction in order to protect green mountains and rivers, and build beautiful China.