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Party Secretary & Chairman of BUCG Chen Daihua went to Kazakhstan Astana Light Rail Project for investigation and research

From July 5 to July 7, a party led by Party Secretary & Chairman of BUCG Chen Daihua conducted investigation and research on Kazakhstan Astana Light Rail Project. All the directors of the enterprises affiliated to BUCG involved with construction including Manager of BUCG International Li Daosong, Chairman of BUCG Road & Bridge Company Yao Ziran, Chairman of Beijing Urban Construction Yatai Group Co., Ltd. Cao Guozhang, Chairman of Beijing Chengjianshiliu Construction Co., Ltd. Lu Jian et al. participated in investigation and research.

The party led by Chen Daihua inspected the whole line of the light rail project, conveyed greetings to onsite construction personnel, had a detailed understanding of construction progress and progressive engineering achievements, and gave full recognition to the Light Rail Project Department for their achievements and positive spiritual outlook of personnel in the project department.

In the period for investigation and research, Chen Daihua visited the leaders from the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan including Counsellor Wang Jian et al., made report of the problems and difficult points in the progress and construction of the BUCG project under construction in Kazakhstan, meanwhile, he said that the Project Department would strengthen project risk management and control in multiple aspects, make effective communication in terms of key issues, and ensure project progress.

Counsellor Wang Jian pointed out, BUCG engineering in Kazakhstan is not only the symbol of Sino-Kazakhstan friendship, but also the key project for urban construction in Astana. In view of this, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office will spare no effort to support Chinese enterprises to expand the market in Kazakhstan, and try its best to help Chinese enterprises to solve difficulties and problems encountered in the process of development.

Party Secretary & Chairman of BUCG Chen Daihua held a project management meeting in the project camp. In the meeting, Project Manager Xu Xiwen reported the situation about project progress. Chen Daihua delivered recognition and praise to project personnel for the construction achievements obtained in the project, and presented the following expectations to all the project personnel: Firstly, it is required to see the grand logic clearly, and coordinate with the general situation of the state to get Chinese equipment and production capacity exported. Secondly, it is required to figure out the responsibilities and interests of various parties involved in the contractual relationship with the characteristics of EPC engineering taken into consideration. Thirdly, various units of BUCG shall have the consciousness of uniting as one, jointly shoulder risks and profits, put emphasis on production, and promote operation. Fourthly, it is required to set up the united Party branch, strengthen Party building work abroad, ensure steady thinking, and carry forward the spirit of overcoming difficulties and struggling hard.

General Manager of BUCG International Li Daosong gave full recognition to the achievements of project construction. He said, the Project Department rose to the challenge, overcame difficulties, did an excellent job, and successfully accomplished the mission. Meanwhile, it is also required to see the complicated situation in the future. In order to do a good job in future work, it is required to do the following: Firstly, make good preparations in thinking in order to rise to the challenge. Secondly, change working ideas, make innovation in working method, adjust working method and sort out working logic according to local circumstances. Thirdly, carry out team work, give full play to the role of organization and management.

In the investigation and research, a comprehensive inspection was conducted towards the project, a full recognition was given to the Light Rail Project Department for their spirit of struggling hard and the active spiritual outlook of the whole team, which enhanced morale, braced themselves up, improved the enthusiasm and confidence of the project team to complete various goals as scheduled with quality guaranteed, and establish the Built by BUCG, Chinabrand with good quality. (Jiao Jie)