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BUCG held the conference of the 2nd Enterprise Cultural Week
Report from the newspaper  On the afternoon of July 27, the conference of the 2nd Enterprise Cultural Week was held in Beijing Conference Center. In the period for the enterprise cultural week from July 23 to July 31, through holding diversified activities, BUCG and its affiliated units carried forward the distinctive enterprise culture of BUCG, presented a gift on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, and celebrated the 35th anniversary of the founding of BUCG. At the conference held on July 27, the activities in the Enterprise Cultural Week were pushed to the climax. At the conference, all the staff and workers of BUCG were called on to go hand in hand to advance, with the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new times led by Xi Jinping as guide, under strong leadership of municipal Party committee and municipal government as well as municipal SASAC, with the attitude as the ones who are undaunted by repeated setbacks, the ones who struggle and advance courageously, and the ones who overcome difficulties, BUCG staff will continuously promote the urban construction business initiated by the predecessors to advance, and compose new chapter and create new brilliance on the new journey to achieve high-quality development of BUCG.
The old leaders of BUCG, the leaders stationed in the Board of Supervisors of BUCG from the municipal SASAC, the outside directors of BUCG and the members of the leading group of BUCG attended the conference; more than 1000 people including the general counsel of BUCG, manager assistant, deputy chief engineer, deputy chief economist, deputy chief accountant, persons in charge of various departments, offices and the Board of Supervisors, members of the leading group of various secondary units of BUCG, the representatives of old leaders and staff representatives attended the conference. The conference was presided over by deputy Party secretary Li Weihong of BUCG.
The conference hall was arranged in an economical and generous way, and the scene was solemn but fervent. At 13:30, the participants all entered the conference hall. At 14:00, the magnificent and imposing large music film through aerial photography Both Sides of the Changjiang River led all the people present at the conference to start “the journey of horizon”, showed the footprints of BUCG to advance bravely for 35 years, the struggle and brilliance of China’s reform and opening-up for 40 years from the perspective of angel.
The future is coming, and I will come for the future.” Party Secretary & Chairman of BUCG Chen Daihua made a keynote speech at the conference (See the edition of the whole text). Chen Daihua reviewed the struggle and exploration of BUCG from business startup, business establishment, business prosperity to the entry into the new times; narrated the stories that BUCG staff from generation to generation made struggle successively for 35 years, not only built the architectural plateau, but also established spiritual peak; expressed gratitude for people from all walks of life who showed support and care for BUCG and BUCG staff who composed brilliant development of BUCG; pointed out that the enterprise core values of “innovation, passion, sincerity, responsibility, gratitude” formed through the integration of military culture and campus culture are the torch that the enterprise goes forward and the light that the enterprise becomes outstanding. Finally, he said, standing at the new historical starting point, all the BUCG staff should remember, inherit and carry forward the distinctive enterprise culture of BUCG, take the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new times led by Xi Jinping as guide, shoulder the heavy task to be “the first-class comprehensive service provider for urban construction”, and create new brilliance on the new journey to achieve high-quality development of BUCG.
After that, more than 600 staff and workers of BUCG presented a wonderful art performance with the theme “Enter the new times, create new brilliance”, conveyed the core values of BUCG with songs and dances, and manifested cultural confidence, mission and responsibility of craftsmen in a great power.
The bold and unstrained Ansai Waist Drum Flourishing China · Build Dream in BUCG expressed the majestic force of BUCG staff to build dreams in the new times; Forever Young interpreted the beauty of youth and struggle connected with home and country in aesthetic dancing postures; the scene play Riverside Speed fully described the responsibility of BUCG as a state-owned enterprise with the pure heart to make common people’s dream to settle down come true; Vow in Our Mind expressed the loyal responsibility and commitment to belief of BUCG staff; the song combination Enter the New Times sang out the glorious days that BUCG went through business startup, business establishment, business prosperity before entering the new times; the sonorous and forceful China Power sang out the spirit and energy that BUCG staff struggled and stepped into the new times; the allegro rap Beautiful China depicted the exquisite craftsmanship of garden constructors of BUCG to decorate beautiful rivers and mountains in the motherland; the dance scene play I will Wait for You highlighted the love of BUCG constructors for their home and country to give up their own home and make contributions to the country; the Ode to Heroes paid a tribute to heroes who shoulder heavy tasks; Gratitude in Our Heart delivered the blessings to high-quality development of BUCG in the form of bowl dance; the Charming Style of National Craftsmen showed the charm of national craftsmen with the beauty of the quintessence of China; the Flaming Winter Olympics narrated the story that BUCG went hand in hand with the Winter Olympics in graceful dancing; the shadow dance Craftsmanship demonstrated the charm of national craftsman in construction and decoration; the chorus Stay True to the Mission made BUCG absorb the strength to advance in looking back on the past; the song and dance drama One Family of Tibetan People and Han People played back the responsibility of BUCG to make donations and offer financial aid for study on the snow-covered plateau; the large song and dance poetic drama the Soul of Soldiers for National Craftsmen·Perpetual Youth aroused the passion of all the audience. Through the touching narration and imposing pictures, everyone was led to feel the red gene of BUCG that will never fade, and the boldness of national craftsmen to continue brilliance in the flourishing age in the new times. With the impassioned March of BUCG Workers, the conference came to a successful end. The vows inspired people much, and the magnificent sound of singing played the song of victory of BUCG in the new times.
The enterprise culture of BUCG has been deeply rooted in the heart BUCG staff from generation to generation. They will consistently adhere to the original mission of dedication, the ideal to serve the country with heart and soul, the purpose to serve the people, and the personality of soldiers, keep up with the new times, take the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new times led by Xi Jinping as guide, implement the spirit of the National CPC Congress in an in-depth way, establish new building monuments in the strategies such as synergetic development in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, dispersion of non-capital functions, the proposal of Yangtze River Economic Zone, the Belt and Road and so on, and set up the spiritual monuments that will never disappear in dangerous and heavy tasks such as emergency rescue, taking targeted measures in poverty alleviation and so on, and realize high-quality, high-efficiency and high-level development in promoting continuous transformation and upgrade of BUCG.
Song Weisha