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Minister of the Publicity Department Du Feijin visited BUCG Indonesia Representative Office!
Yesterday morning, Member of the Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the Publicity Department Du Feijin, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Zhang Qian, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Yang Shuo, et al. visited BUCG Indonesia Representative Office in the company of Deputy General Manager of BUCG Wang Zhiwen, Safety Director & Manager Assistant Chen Lu, et al.
After listening to the report made by the representative of BUCG International in Indonesia Zhang Xiaoxuan in terms of the situations about politics, economy, culture and geography in Indonesia as well as the situations about BUCG projects under construction and in progress in Indonesia, Du Feijin pointed out that BUCG inherited excellent tradition and red gene of army as a military enterprise converted to civilian production, got involved in cooperation in Beijing market, domestic market and even international market, promoted the construction of many key engineering projects, and took a steady and wonderful step for civil-military integration.
Du Feijin presented three points as requirements to BUCG in the speech:
Firstly, BUCG shall keep its good reputation which has been established over the years and core competitiveness with its own special gene, consistently maintain good social image of state-owned enterprise in Beijing when expanding the market and pursuing economic benefits; secondly, the “Belt and Road” proposal has brought unprecedented opportunities for the expansion of overseas market. As the practitioner, BUCG represents Beijings image and national image. Therefore, BUCG shall pay attention to every word and action in the course of dealing with the Indonesian government, enterprises and people, especially take the initiative to shoulder the heavy responsibility to promote co-discussion, co-construction, sharing of both countries; thirdly, BUCG shall maintain the enterprise brand image, have strict control over project quality, never get slack at every detail, and assume the liability of a state-owned enterprise in Beijing in terms of handling the issue about morality and interest, transform overseas market experience accumulated for more than 20 years into standards and specifications, so that other state-owned enterprises can learn it and take it for reference in overseas construction, turn enterprise wealth into social wealth, realize interest maximization, and encourage Chinese state-owned enterprises to go global. Besides, BUCG shall handle the relationship with the countries where projects are implemented, set up local team, and make local employees become the ones communicating Beijings image and international image on their own initiative.
Deputy General Manager of BUCG Wang Zhiwen showed gratitude to Beijing municipal leaders for their affirmation and guidance to BUCG. Meanwhile, he said that BUCG would try to build every project into a golden business card for image presentation of BUCG and Beijing.