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Cai Qi emphasized the goal to establish 100 excellent engineering with 100 craftsmanship while he conducted onsite inspection on key engineering for the Winter Olympics

On October 27, Municipal Party Secretary Cai Qi conducted onsite inspection on the construction of key engineering for the Winter Olympics such as the National Speed Skating Hall, etc. undertaken by BUCG. He emphasized the necessity to strengthen political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, the sense of responsibility and the sense of urgency, aim at the requirements for test events, establish 100% excellent engineering with 100% craftsmanship, and guarantee the completion of work task this year. Deputy Municipal Party Secretary & Mayor Chen Jining, the municipal leaders including Cui Shuqiang, Zhang Jiandong and Sui Zhenjiang, Secretary General of the municipal government Jin Wei and Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of Beijing Winter Olympics Han Zirong conducted inspection together with him in the company of Party Committee Secretary & Chairman of BUCG Chen Daihua, et al.
The National Speed Skating Hall is the landmark venue for the Winter Olympics. Seven years later, Cai Qi came here again, and conducted inspection on every item from the quality of building materials to advanced technical applications. At present, the construction of main structures of the spectators’ stand is basically completed, and the splicing of orthogonal bi-directional single-layer saddle shaped cable net roof with the largest span in the world is in progress. When seeing Li Jiulin who ever acted as chief engineer of the Bird Nest Project, and now acts as chief engineer of the National Speed Skating Hall, Cai Qi gladly encouraged him to carry forward the craftsmanship of the great power, try to become a pioneer in the construction of Winter Olympic engineering, and win Luban Award. Cai Qi also inspected the construction progress of the Winter Olympic Village project.
Cai Qi said, it is a great event in the whole city to hold the Paralympics of the Winter Olympic Games in 2022, the key task with which we are confronted, and the top priority in the construction of venues and infrastructure. It is required to promote engineering construction in strict accordance with the schedule, implement relevant work as early as possible, lose no time in arranging the engineering construction plan of the next year, and guarantee the progress of the projects which are planned to be completed the next year. It is also required to take serious and effective measures for key and tough projects, complete the capping of main structures of the National Speed Skating Hall as scheduled at the end of this year, and complete the construction of main steel structure and roof structure. Besides, it is required to lose no time in doing preliminary work of two venues for alpine skiing, Bobsleigh & Tobogganing in order to save time for construction.
Cai Qi stressed, since the Winter Olympics engineering will enter the stage for comprehensive construction one after another, it is required to consistently attach great importance to engineering quality and safety production, and realize zero accident, zero hidden danger and zero error. It is required to strictly implement regulatory responsibility, establish the safety management & control system, strengthen engineering quality inspection, intensify green and environment-friendly construction, and ensure that the engineering can stand up to inspection of time. It is required to host the Olympic Games with clean hands, carry out strict budget management, have strict control over cost for hosting the Olympic Games, strengthen supervision and discipline enforcement, and ensure that the preparatory work can be made as pure as ice & snow.
Cai Qi said, with the coming of the end of the year, the construction and progress of key engineering of the whole city determined at the beginning of the year shall be implemented in strict accordance with the plan. In particular, key projects and key engineering including the science & technology innovation center, the urban sub-center, the construction of new airport, the development action plan of the south region, the action plan for the optimization and improvement of public service and infrastructure in Huitian area shall be well made according to the established deployment. It is required to strengthen dispatch, supervision and inspection, and guarantee the implementation of year-round plan.
Chen Jining requested to put safety first, strengthen overall planning of construction period, formulate strict environmental protection standard, do a good job in green construction, and guarantee the completion of the tasks of key engineering construction for the Winter Olympics with high quality, control relevant construction standard and scale in a scientific way, strictly control construction cost, take full consideration into special requirements for traffic in peak hours when audience arrive and leave during large events, formulate detailed program for traffic arrangement, make full use of the opportunity ofMeet in Beijing series of test events, and further create strong atmosphere of the Winter Olympics in the whole city.