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The temporary construction of the reconstruction and expansion project of Maldives Velana International Airport of BUCG won the title of Outstanding Camp in Overseas Engineering in 2018

On December 5, the 4th plenary meeting of the 7th council of China International Contractors Association & the industry annual meeting of the year 2018 was solemnly held in Jinan, Shandong, in which more than 300 representatives from over 140 council units attended the meeting. At the meeting, temporary construction of the reconstruction and expansion project of Maldives Velana International Airport of BUCG stood out from fierce selection of 78 overseas camps recommended in the industry, was granted the title of Outstanding Camp in Chinas Overseas Engineering in 2018, had its presence among six overseas camps in 2018, gave full play to the power and level of BUCG in the construction of overseas engineering camp.
Located at Huhule Island in Maldives, the camp of the Maldives Velana International Airport project of BUCG is situated at the core area of Maldives Velana International Airport. Maldives owns beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. Considering local environment and engineering characteristics, according to the standards for green and civilized construction site, the Project Department ensures that various facilities in the camp comply with international and local environmental protection requirements. In addition to complete office functions at the work area, various sports facilities as well as living and entertainment facilities, such as basketball court, billiards room, fitness room, badminton court, library, English corner, etc. are equipped in order to enrich peoples spare time, promote their physical and mental health. 80% camp area is laid with recyclable water permeable bricks, non-hardening areas have been decorated with local plants, which can not only demonstrates humanistic feelings, but also exclusively shows exotic charm. The project camp features scientific planning, complete functions, excellent cultural construction and outstanding humanistic care. Depending on safety, environmental protection, practicability and beauty, it fully shows hard power of the project management level, and manifests soft power of corporate brand and corporate image.
At the meeting, the release ceremony of the Power of Examples-Outstanding Figures of International Engineering in 2018 was also held to publicize the deeds of advanced characters in the industry, fully play the demonstrative and driving role of examples, publicize Chinese enterprises, establish Chinese brands, tell Chinese stories, and convey China’s voice.  
Besides, through reviewing the report of supplementary items with respect to vice president units of contractors chamber of commerce at the 4th council meeting of China International Contractors Association,  eight vice president units including BUCG were newly increased through unanimous votes, in which Manager of BUCG International Li Daosong acted as part-time vice president.