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The only one nationwide! The construction project of Beijing Daxing International Airport won the gold award of the Outstanding International Project Management (China) Award

In 2018, China Congress on Project Management in 2018 & International Forum on Cross-cultural Project Management was held in Shanghai from December 1 to December 2. The construction project of Beijing Daxing International Airport for which BUCG was involved in construction won the gold award of the Outstanding International Project Management (China) Award, and became the only project winning gold award at the congress.
As a high-level specialized and comprehensive meeting in which counterparts in the academic circles and the practice circles of China’s project management jointly participate, it is an annual event in China’s project management circles. The international outstanding project management (China) award is a project management award established by Project Management Research Committee of China through introducing outstanding project model of International Project Management Association and integrating the characteristics of China’s project management. It is an award with the greatest influence and recognition in the domestic project management field at present.
As a national significant landmark engineering decided by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the key construction projects planned during the 12th Five-year Plan and the 13th Five-year Plan, the new power source for national development, the Beijing Daxing International Airport project features high project orientation, a wide range of scope, a series of practical measures for management innovation has been carried out in the process of engineering construction, and series achievements have been made.
On November 26 this year, through management interview, information query and field inspection, the award expert group of the International Outstanding Project Management (China) Award made a comprehensive evaluation on Beijing Daxing International Airport, and decided that the construction project of Beijing Daxing International Airport won the gold award of “the International Outstanding Project Management (China) Award”. The committee unanimously holds:
With “Establish new benchmarking to offer service for national strategies, set up a new national gate for the demonstration of national image” as strategic orientation, with “Top engineering, sample engineering, safe engineering, clean engineering” as the construction goal, with “idea innovation, science & technology innovation, management innovation” as guiding idea, through the establishment of the high-efficiency coordination system from the central government to various construction units, the three-dimensional plan management & control system covering the whole life cycle of construction and operation, the precision and real-time information support system from BIM design to digital construction, monitoring and management, the reinforced specialized quality safety inspection and fund supervision system of “supervisor + a third party”, an outstanding new benchmarking for owner’s project management of airport construction with super large scale has been achieved.
BUCG has got involved in the construction of more than ten key engineering including Beijing Daxing International Airport, in which the core area engineering of the terminals of Beijing Daxing International Airport in general contracting is the location with the most advanced design, the most complicated structure and the greatest difficulty in construction. Through the management mode of “human-centered management, specialization of construction arrangement, intensification of resource management, refined daily management, infomatization of management means, standardization of project implementation”, the staged targets have been completed one by one with high quality ahead of time, and “Chinese speed” for airport construction is continuously updated. On February 23, 2017, while General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Chairman, Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping paid a visit to Beijing Daxing International Airport, he came to the construction site of the core area of the terminals undertaken by BUCG, gave compliments to the site“arranged in good order” twice, and sang high praise for project management.