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BUCG held the work conference on foreign economy in 2019

On February 21, the work conference of BUCG on foreign economy was held at the Meeting Room , 3F in the building. Hosted by deputy manager of BUCG International Du Feng, deputy general manager of BUCG Wu Jihua and the main leaders from the Enterprise Management Department, the Legal Affairs Department, the Marketing Department, the Business Department, the Capital Operation Department, the Third Board of Supervisors and the HR Department of BUCG attended the meeting. Besides, General Manager of 14 secondary companies of BUCG including BUCG International, Design Development Group, Landscaping Group, Construction Group, Company , , , , XVI, Yatai, Central South Civil Engineering, Beifang, Installation, Road & Bridge, Yuandong, BUCG Broadcasting and Television Engineering, etc., the leaders in charge of work related to foreign economy as well as the leaders above the intermediate deputy department level and relevant business personnel working in BUCG International also attended the meeting.


Personnel from various units delivered a speech respectively in terms of the completion of foreign economy in 2018 and the working assumption on foreign economy in 2019, and made discussion focusing on the implementation of work related to foreign economy in BUCG. Deputy Manager of BUCG International Luo Wei made an overall summary of the completion of foreign economic marketing in 2018, and made planning of work related to foreign economy in 2019 in three major aspects including market layout, project management and collaboration with the member units in going to the sea.


The manager of BUCG International Li Daosong made a concluding remark, pointing out the difficulty of BUCG in foreign economy in 2018. Under the circumstance that the whole international engineering contracting market remains the downward trend, the comprehensive ability in work related to foreign economy need to be continuously improved. Looking into the year 2019, Li Daosong made planning in three aspects: Firstly, judge the trend in a correct and strict way, firmly determine the direction, and grasp the development rhythm. It is required to judge the external environment, the industry and the competitors in a correct and strict way, manage and control risks, make management in harmony with business development; secondly, adhere to four types of resonance with the same frequency, keep establishing core competence. It is required to put emphasis on and adhere to Resonance of enterprise development and international policies with the same frequency, Resonance of the international platform and six leading industries with the same frequency, Resonance of international management and business development with the same frequency, Resonance of consolidation of manpower cornerstone, team building and organization growth with the same frequency. It is required to improve the entiresoft power of BUCG in three aspects including key points, product capability and management mode; thirdly, grasp important opportunities, try to make significant breakthrough in the market, the industry and the project. It is required to speed up the layout of countries, seize the market, impel six industries of BUCG to go global, and have a mastery of key projects.


Deputy General Manager of Wu Jihua affirmed the achievements made in foreign economic work in 2018, and presented four requirements in terms of foreign economic work in 2019: Firstly, it is required to do a good job in foreign affair management and foreign economic work in 2019; secondly, it is required to put emphasis on developing key clients and big projects in major countries, improve brand awareness and influence; thirdly, it is required to give full play to the leading role of the headquarter, the strategy and the culture, lead the member enterprises of BUCG to enjoy coordinated development, make breakthrough in scale, occupy the market, carry out lean management, reduce cost, increase efficiency and strengthen competitiveness; fourthly, it is required to adhere to talent training and improve comprehensive ability. General Manager Wu said, all the branches and subsidiaries of BUCG shall make closer cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, and make greater achievements in overseas business.


In 2019, with the support and help offered by the leaders, all the departments and offices, and all the member enterprises of BUCG, BUCG International will continuously respond to the call of national strategies, perform enterprise social responsibilities, keep exploring the cooperation mode with secondary enterprises actively, establish the international platform, integrate advantageous resources of BUCG, lead six industries of BUCG to march towards the overseas market, do a good job in project management and construction in a down-to-earth way, and make unremitting efforts in order to complete the development goal of international business in the 13th Five-year planning of BUCG in an all-round way.