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New Achievement of Assistance in Construction for Foreign ry, Winning the Bid of Construction of Chinaaided National Assembly Building of Cameroon


On September 2, 2019, BUCG won the bid of the project of China-aided National Assembly Building of Cameroon after won the bid of the project China-aided Pakistan Gwadar New International Airport and the project of China-aided Central Africa Cultural and Arts Center of Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Winning the bid of three China-aided foreign projects in only three months with total contract amount about RMB 2,600 million, BUCG created two records in Chinese history of assistance in construction for foreign countries, respectively most winning projects successively in one year and largest total contract amounts of bid.

Located in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, and with the bidding amount of RMB 557 million, the project National Assembly Building is planned to start the construction on November 28, 2019, with the term of contract of 40 months. With total areas covering about 37,500 square meters, the project includes functional rooms such as office building of national assembly, semicircular conference hall, accessory occupancy of conference hall, ceremony hall, fire control and guard building, equipment room and guard room, and ancillary facilities such as square, road, spring, outdoor parking lot and enclosure within construction site. In addition, the project is faced with challenges, including the high underground water level, complicated geological conditions, large earth volume of basic construction, construction in rainy season and high decoration grade.

On September 10, the Agency for International Economic Cooperation of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China organized to hold the kick-off meeting of projects in Cameroon, with participants including Ai Yinfang, the Deputy Director of Agency for International Economic Cooperation, Xi Wei, the Director of Central Africa Division, Fan Wei, the Deputy Director of Central Africa Division, Li Daosong, the General Manager of International Business Division of BUCG International and Du Feng, the Chief Engineer. At the meeting, the Director Ai Yinfang put forward the requirements for the implementation of project, including that it shall implement well “five unities” of the assistance project, strengthen project management and construct high-quality projects in Cameroon while performing well the overseas Party construction and localization publicity. Li Daosong expressed his thanks for the trust to Agency for International Economic Cooperation, and said that BUCG would set up well the project management team and perform well the full life cycle management of projects in accordance with the regulations of contract to build high-quality projects and strive for winning the China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (overseas project).

The project China-aided National Assembly Building of Cameroon is an important project for Chinese government to implement “Ten Cooperative Plans” to Africa proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Therefore, the construction of the project is of great significance. The successful bid of the project is another major achievement of the strategy leadership of BUCG in assistance in construction for foreign countries. BUCG will give play to it advantages in rich experiences of large-scale public building projects, relevant patent technology and resources allocation in Africa to complete the constructions on time and on quality in accordance with the regulations of contract, with inheriting the spirit of national craftsman, building international brand of BUCG, spreading Chinese cultures and bringing benefits to African people by fulfilling social responsibility.