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The Delegation Led by President of Bangladesh Maritime University Visited BUCG


On November 3, the delegation led by M Khaled Iqbal, President of Bangladesh Maritime University and Admiral of Bangladesh visited BUCG, and communicated with Li Daosong, General Manager of International Business Division of BUCG International, on the issues of overall contracting of EPC project, accompanied by Ren Zhi, Deputy Manager of International Division, Du Feng, Chief Engineer and Fan Zhiwei, General Manager of Southeast Asia Regional Division.

The reclamation project of Bangladesh Maritime University being constructed by BUCG is in smooth progress, and BUCG has signed the framework agreement of overall EPC project with Bangladesh Maritime University. It is the first visit to the group headquarters for the delegation led by President of Bangladesh Maritime University.

The delegation firstly visited the exhibition hall of group and highly recognized the constructions in progress by BUCG in Bangladesh. The President learned that BUCG, with the infrastructure engineer army as the predecessor, contains the red gene of military culture. The President also pointed out that as Bangladesh Maritime University is the project providing services for military, he is full of confidence for the establishment of the project by BUCG with the inheritance of military culture.

During the conversation, the President invited Li Daosong, the General Manager, to participate in the international forum on development of maritime affairs held on November 28th in Dacca, the capital of Bangladesh, and delivered the letter of invitation. The President said that the general drawing of Bangladesh Maritime University has been determined currently under the active promotion of BUCG, and the reclamation project of site in early stage is smoothly constructed. He hereby expressed his thanks to BUCG for the contributions made to the development of Bangladesh Maritime University and marine economy in Bangladesh, and hoped that BUCG could give play to the exquisite professional capabilities and carry forward excellent military tradition in following designs and constructions, jointly building well the "ideal university" of Bangladesh.

Li Daosong expressed his welcome for the visit of the delegation led by the President of Bangladesh Maritime University. He said that as Bangladesh Maritime University is the important partner of BUCG and the project of Bangladesh Maritime University and the project of Bangladesh BRAC University are major international projects promoted by the group, BUCG will try the best to construct the projects in accordance with the contract. Bangladesh is the major country of "Belt and Road" Initiative initiated by China, and BUCG, as the builder for the implementation of "Belt and Road" Initiative, hopes that the Bangladesh government can provide full support for both parties in expanding cooperation space with joint effort and jointly building a beautiful future.