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BUCG Leaders Inspection and Guidance in BRAC University, Bangladesh


On the afternoon of December 2, Chen Daihua, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of BUCG led a delegation to the Project Department of BRAC University of Bangladesh for inspection and guidance, accompanied by Li Daosong, Manager of BUCG International Business Department.

After inspecting the project construction site, Chen Daihua listened to the Project Report of BRAC University of Bangladesh and the Southeast Asian Marketing Report. "The effective cooperation between the project department and the regional department closely linked the site and the market, overcame various difficulties and challenges, and made great achievements in work." Said Li Daosong, Manager of BUCG International Business Department. "Next, we must practice the overall thinking of BUCG's development, adhere to the concept of high-quality development, and work from the supply side to contribute more to the rapid development of BUCG's international business."

Chen Daihua expressed thanks to the staff members of the project department for their efforts and recognized the current achievements of BRAC University Project. Chen Daihua pointed out that Bangladesh is in a period of rapid development of construction industry, so we should seize the opportunity and plan for the future. Firstly, we must base ourselves on large projects, which is to contract influential large projects. Secondly, we must attach importance to the training of young staffs and cultivate knowledge-based talents. Thirdly, we should think in advance and take the initiative in layout.

Chen Daihua stressed that the international department was bound to shoulder the responsibility of building BUCG International sector, and contribute to BUCG's steady progress towards the world and becoming a leading international comprehensive urban construction service provider. The first is to focus on high-quality development, to build several influential large projects in the region. The second is to focus on healthy development. To achieve the simultaneous improvement of enterprise scale and talent growth, and effectively control the project risk. The third was to focus on leading the development. Export the capital standard, capital service and capital industry to all aspects of urban construction, urban renewal and urban operation, and actively provide the owners with all-round and all chain Chinese solutions; We should fully utilize and give full play to the group's six industrial advantages, give full play to the platform role of BUCG International Department and lead the secondary companies to go global and to the future.

During this trip, Chen Daihua also paid a visit to Mohibul Haque, Standing Secretary (Ministerial) of Bangladesh Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism.

Chen Daihua introduced BUCG's construction strength in airport products field and detailedly explained Daxing Airport project and Maldives Airport project to Haque. Chen Daihua said that BUCG would actively participate in the construction of Bangladesh Airport project to contribute to the development of Bangladesh civil aviation tourism.

Haque gave a warm welcome to Chen Daihua and the delegation, greatly praised BUCG's performance and strength in airport field, and hoped that BUCG could actively participate in the construction of Bangladesh Airport project. Bangladesh Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism would strongly support BUCG's business development in Bangladesh.