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News of Victory! BUCG Won the Bidding for Expansion of Osmani International Airport,Sylhet (1st Phase) Bangladesh

On March 24, 2020, Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. received a notice issued for winning the bidding for Expansion of Osmani International AirportSylhet (1st Phase) Bangladesh  by the Civil Aviation Administration of Bangladesh, with the bidding amount about RMB 1.8 billion. This project is another large-scale international airport construction project that BUCG successfully won the bidding in the overseas market after the renovation and extension project of Velana International Airport of Maldives and China-aided Gwadar New International Airport of Pakistan, and is another successful case for BUCG to build airports, which reflects the brand influence of BUCG in the field of construction of civil aviation airport.

Expansion of Osmani International Airport,Sylhet (1st Phase) Bangladesh (Osmani Airport) was built during World War II and is still used as an important transportation hub after 4 times of reconstruction with the current passenger carrying capacity less than 500,000 passengers per year. However, with the continuous development of Bangladesh and Sylhet regional economy, the continuous increase of international exchanges and the rise of passenger traffic volume, the current throughput cannot meet the needs of shipping. In order to further upgrade and expand the Osmani Airport, the Civil Aviation Administration of Bangladesh officially launched the competitive bidding for “EExpansion of Osmani International Airport,Sylhet (1st Phase) in early 2019. The project aims to build a modern international terminal with Bangladesh characteristics, with the contents including the construction of airport terminal, air cargo terminal, fire station, control tower, apron, taxi track, internal road and related ancillary works. The project covers a total area of about 60,000 m2 and the time limit of the project is 33 months. The construction of this project will greatly enhance the cargo transportation and passenger carrying capacity of Osmani International Airport and promote the rapid development of civil aviation industry in Bangladesh, thereby promoting the economic development of Sylhet Region.

While closely following the Belt and Road Initiative launched by China and actively implementing the development strategy of the company, the International Affairs Department of BUCG continues to deepen the markets in Southeast Asia and South Asia to build the products of airport construction and size the opportunity for the construction of large-scale international airport projects. Since the Civil Aviation Administration of Bangladesh officially launched the competitive bidding in early 2019, the International Affairs Department of BUCG coordinated internal and external resources to actively organize the bidding for the project and finally recognized by the owner with the high-level and high-quality bidding plan and won the bidding after competing with multiple internationally-famous contractors.

The successful bid for the Osmani Airport project is one of the important achievements of BUCG International in cultivating the Bangladesh market for many years and actively building products of airport construction, and is also a manifestation of BUCGs strength and status in the field of airport construction, which is of great significance for the development of international business of BUCG. After the successful bid for the project, the International Affairs Department will actively coordinate related resources and organize the construction of project to build an excellent project. Both the Group and the leaders of BUCG International have given great attention and support to the development of the Bangladesh market, especially the development of airports, which has laid a foundation for winning the bidding for the project.

The year 2020 is suffering from the epidemic and will be beset with difficulties, and BUCG International will continue to respond to the Belt and Road Initiative launched by China and fully take advantage of and give play to six industrial advantages of the Group to achieve the fulfillment of contract and create values for customers.