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Staffs of BUCG International Are Taking Measures in the Global Fight Against the Epidemic!


As the COVID-19 epidemic has been broke out globally, countries have successively canceled flights and adopted lockdown measure. Facing the severe overseas epidemic prevention affairs, BUCG attached great attention and convened a special meeting on overseas epidemic prevention affairs on March 24, in which BUCG International and all secondary companies with overseas business participated. At the meeting, Chairman Chen Daihua learned about the status of various overseas projects and deployed overseas epidemic prevention affairs. He pointed out that all departments should attach great importance to the prevention and control of epidemic situation in overseas projects, especially hold the development trend of epidemic situation and deploy the epidemic prevention affairs in advance. Moreover, all departments should make proper prevention and control plan of epidemic situation by combining with the practical condition of projects and solve the worries of overseas staffs by doing a good job in storing various anti-epidemic materials, guaranteeing the logistical support for overseas staffs, ensuring the safety of project department and staffs. BUCG International should accomplish information coordination and uniformly arrange safety supervision and inspection. While paying attention to the overseas epidemic prevention affairs, BUCG International should make plan in advance to promote the healthy and stable development of overseas business in countries related to the Belt and Road Initiative.

On the afternoon, BUCG International actively implemented the Group’s requirements to successively convene a special deployment meeting for overseas epidemic prevention affairs and a special Party branch secretary meeting. At the meetings, the overseas departments reported the impact of the epidemic situation and the epidemic prevention measures in the host country, and the General Manager Li Daosong and the Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Li made the arrangement and deployment for key points in the following prevention and control of epidemic situation. BUCG International will take measures simultaneously to strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic and strive to build well the firewall for the prevention and control of epidemic in overseas projects, so as to ensure that all projects under construction can be constructed smoothly and orderly under the premise of effective prevention and control of epidemic.

Currently, BUCG International has carried out the overseas project in 21 countries. According to the latest official data, there are 20 countries reported confirmed case among theses 21 countries, and only Sierra Leone has not yet reported the confirmed case. Among the countries and regions that have reported the confirmed case, Indonesia, Pakistan, Algeria, Hong Kong, Serbia and Iran are suffering from severe condition where the epidemic also show the rapid growth trend.

All overseas departments has kept communication with local government, embassy, Chinese medical team and China-funded institutions, and has quickly established the epidemic prevention and control team and formulated the epidemic prevention plan according to the development situation of epidemic in host country and region. Moreover, all overseas departments have strengthened the control for staffs, such as strictly implementing the system of asking for leave and reporting back after leave of absence, and have implemented the temperature measurement for staffs daily and the disinfection for workplaces and living areas. BUCG has also established the liaison team of epidemic prevention affairs in China and formulated the system of daily report and daily communication. Meanwhile, BUCG requires that staffs of all overseas departments should strictly abide by the local laws and statutes and the requirements for epidemic prevention.

Facing the condition that all overseas departments may be short of the anti-epidemic materials, all international and domestic departments of BUCG actively interconnect with each other and have purchased the anti-epidemic materials such as masks, medical alcohol, disinfectant and gun-type thermometer in China through various channels to ship to all projects. Currently, the BUCG has shipped the anti-epidemic materials to countries such as Serbia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia. Meanwhile, BUCG has expressed sympathy and solicitude for family members of overseas staffs and mailed anti-epidemic materials.

As a poem written “Though separated by a mountain, we’ll share the same clouds and rain. The bright moon belongs not to a single town.”, BUCG steps forward bravely and makes selfless dedication at the critical time, actively fulfill the social responsibility to make donations for local government, local communities and project owners and make contributions to the epidemic prevention and control of host country, and reflect the good image of Chinese enterprises and China with practical actions by providing assistance for the local within its ability, which are highly praised and affirmed by local government and society. Moreover, the local media has reported and re-posted the donation activities of BUCG.

       On March 17, the Representative Office of BUCG in Cambodia donated medical surgical masks to Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia

On March 18, the Representative Office of BUCG in Sri Lanka donated N95 masks to the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (Transport) of Sri Lanka.

On March 18, the Representative Office of BUCG in Bangladesh donated a whole box of medical protective mask to the owner of project of Maritime University of Bangladesh.

On March 18, the project department of Maldives Airport donated a batch of medical sterilizing masks and electrical FAG masks to the Maldives Airport Company.

On March 18, the project department of Balikpapan Expressway Project in Indonesia donated the anti-epidemic materials such as masks, protective clothing, goggles and rubber gloves to the local COVID-19 anti-epidemic medical institution.

On March 20, the Representative Office of BUCG in Indonesia donated a whole box of medical protective mask to the Ministry of Public Engineering and Housing of Indonesia. 

On March 22, the Representative Office of BUCG in Maldives donated a whole box of medical protective mask to the local government.

Staffs of BUCG International at all levels at home and abroad work in unity to prevent and control the epidemic, which ensures that there is zero report and zero infection of COVID-19. Severe winter will eventually pass, and warm spring will surely come. All staffs of BUCG International are fully confident and determined to win the final victory in the fight against the epidemic.