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The Oathtaking Rally for the Departure of the Project Team of the Project of Chinaaided National Football Stadium of Republic of Belarus Was Held in Beijing


On July 31, the oath-taking rally for the departure of the project team of the project of China-aided National Football Stadium of Republic of Belarus was held in New Asia Conference Room in Chengjian Plaza, with the leading group of BUCG International and all project staffs attended the conference and Shi Yuguang, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, hosted the conference.

After the afternoon of July 31, the project staffs will rush to the front line of the project one after another. All project staffs have been injected the VOCID-19 vaccine, so as to make every effort to advance the progress of the project while ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention. Wang Li, the Secretary of the Party Committee of BUCG International and other members of the leading group wore corsages for the staffs who was going to construct the project to cheer for them.

At the meeting, Ren Zhi, the deputy general manager of BUCG International, carried out the departure mobilization and preliminary work arrangements, and put forward requirements to all staffs of the project department from the perspective of production and management. As the project is undertaken by BUCG Headquarter and BUCG International, Ren required that the project manager shall do a good job in team integration, improve work efficiency, do well the epidemic prevention and control while ensuring personnel safety, coordinating resources properly and integrating superior resources. Ren also emphasized that the domestic department and foreign department shall coordinate in a highly-efficient way to prepare well for the full start of construction at the end of August, and also wished the project make progress smoothly.

On behalf of all project staffs, the Project Manager Sha Yi expressed his gratitude to the trust of the Party Committee of BUCG International and the company leaders. At present, the epidemic condition in the Republic of Belarus is in a growth stage, and the project department will successively send staffs to advance the progress of the project and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure personnel safety. The project department, leading by the Party Construction Work, will prepare well for the long-term construction under the epidemic condition. In addition, the staffs shall give full play to vanguard and exemplary role as Party members and the fortress role of Party Branch to hand over a satisfactory project to the group.

As the first project for BUCG to construct in Europe, the project of China-aided National Football Stadium of Republic of Belarus is an important project constructed by the group, which is of great significance. Wang Li, the Secretary of the Party Committee said that all staffs of the project are heroes in harm’s way during the epidemic, who shoulder heavy responsibilities and glorious missions. He put forward requirements for the staffs who are about to departure. Firstly, all staffs shall be highly aware of the significance of the project and correctly set up work goals. Secondly, all staffs shall build a high-quality project with combining Chinese standards with UEFA standards. Thirdly, all staffs should establish a model project pay much attention to the project for the project is a political project. Fourthly, all staffs shall construct a safety project with abiding by the concept of staffs’ life first. Fifthly, all staffs shall construct a clean project. He required that all project staffs shall do well the works related to the commencement of the project, unite sincerely and plan carefully, strengthen the plan and do a good job in risk management and control, and satisfy the needs of all parties by taking the customer as the center, and that all staffs shall build up the confidence and responsibility to win glory for China and the group. He also wished all staffs all the best, to fight against the epidemic successfully and return to home in triumph.