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Here Comes the Latest Progress of the Hong Kong Airport Project

Here Comes the Latest Progress of the Hong Kong Airport Project

Under the epidemic, some are fighting in the front, while others are escorting in the rear. The road ahead is far away. In order to go far, it is necessary to first go steadily. The story of the construction of Hong Kong Airport continues......


Recently, the fifth epidemic in Hong Kong has gradually eased, and the oppressive and depressing atmosphere in the city seems to have disappeared all of a sudden, and the streets have returned to their usual bustle. After four months of working together to fight against the epidemic, the Hong Kong Airport Project team also resumed normal work and realized dynamic dynamic zero-COVID. However, this is only the first hurdle on the road to fight the epidemic. The fight against the epidemic is not over, and we must not slacken our efforts in epidemic prevention.


The epidemic prevention team composed of the leading team of the project and Party Members and Cadres still attaches great importance to epidemic prevention and comprehensively guards the achievements of epidemic prevention. Some work, such as disinfection and sterilization of office areas and vehicles, weekly self-testing and self-inspection of employees, and distribution of epidemic prevention materials are still in progress. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the epidemic prevention team has distributed a total of 40,000 masks and 30,000 self-testing reagents to all staff, and organized many nucleic acid tests for all staff and 50 times of professional disinfection and sterilization in the office.


At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic in mainland China, many manufacturers and suppliers have shut down, and materials and accessories could not be delivered, so the project encountered many difficulties in resource organization. However, difficulties and hardships have not extinguished the faith and determination of the builders of Hong Kong Airport. Adhering to the spirit of selfless dedication of BUCG, the project management team and subcontractors made concerted efforts, summarized previous experience and lessons, and adopted such methods that integrating and supplementing downstream resources, perfecting epidemic prevention measures, and improving machinery and processes, to ensure the steady progress of the project in the face of adversity by working overtime at night, working on weekends and holidays.


After the concerted efforts of the builders, the project construction is advancing steadily. The first stage - vertical support works of foundation pit support for the Eastern Vehicle Tunnel (EVT) engineering of the project has been basically completed, and the construction of over 50,000 meters of steel sheet piles, center pillars and precipitation projects are also mostly complete-all. 60,000 cubic meters of earth excavation has been finished, and most of the 10,700 tons of transverse steel supports for the foundation pit have arrived at the site, and 100% of them have been processed.

The construction of the New Airport Tower (NAT) project has commenced in March. All the concrete foundations and tubular wells in the underground part have been completed, and the backfill of the core tube and the group building is in progress. Due to the rainy season, the Project Department has taken measures such as laying rain cloth and setting up drainage channels to ensure the quality of backfill. And it is planned to complete the backfill of elevation for the underground pipe bottom within 10 days.


For the passenger terminal project, the contractor is working feverishly on the design and preparation of construction plans, with construction scheduled to start in July this year.


“In the face of the epidemic, we must move forward fearlessly, dare to face difficulties, recover and grow under pressure, and continue to “give priority to” both epidemic prevention and control and project construction. We are confident to deliver satisfactory results to BUCG and the Owners!”, said the Hong Kong Airport Project team.