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Look! The Rising New Overseas Landmarks

Look! The Rising New Overseas Landmarks

Along the Belt and Road and on the new journey of striving for International Fame, BUCG has highly committed itself to the projects and has already provided construction products and services to 37 countries and regions around the world. After the persistent efforts of BUCG International staff, a number of new overseas landmarks are rising.


The prototype of the Gwadar New International Airport project in Pakistan

In Gwadar, a city thousands of miles away from China in the southern border of Pakistan, the new Gwadar International Airport contracted by BUCG has taken shape. In this barren land, BUCG International staff braved the high temperature of nearly 50 degrees every day to build this modern airport as soon as possible.


As a project aided by the Chinese government, the new Gwadar International Airport project in Pakistan mainly includes the construction of new-built airport airfield, terminal areas, supporting facilities, and other works, with the total construction area of about 34,000 square meters, which is the flagship project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and a key point of the Two-point and One-line planning of Gwadar Port. Gwadar means “the gate of the wind” in Urdu language. The perennial prevailing southwest wind blows the hot and dry air of the Arabian Peninsula, with the air temperature close to 50 degrees and little precipitation throughout the year. There are wildly rolling wind and sand in the Gobi Desert, and the natural environment is so harsh. At the same time, Gwadar suffers volatile situation and continuous waves of COVID-19 pandemic as well.


"Difficult as the construction of the project is, the BUCG Iron Army has affections, responsibilities, and strength, and has never been stumped." Project manager Hu Xiaohe said. While ensuring safety, the project focused on both epidemic prevention and production, with fully closed management conducted. There were regular disinfection for living and office areas and living materials as well as more than 30 sessions of training and publicity work for more than 1,000 people. During the epidemic, in the face of the gradual scarcity of materials, the rising more than ten times cost of sea and land transportation, and the scarcity of containers and ships, the project used the epidemic window period to flexibly adjust the material procurement and admission, so as not to miss any possible shipping opportunities. At present, 3 batches of bulk carriers and 185 containers have been successfully shipped, and the continuous supply of materials has basically solved the construction needs.


Due to the persistence and unity in the epidemic situation, since the pile foundation construction officially started on May 20, 2021, only one year has witnessed the completion of the main structure of the project, including the air traffic control building, mosque, lighting substation, central substation and east down slide platform, and the near end of the secondary structure. Terminal steel structure roof beam is fully closed, tower, office building, fire station, comprehensive protection room, living water station, fire station and other buildings are steadily advancing according to the schedule. We will spare no effort to ensure that the first interim acceptance is carried out as scheduled at the end of June, and move towards the delivery goal by the end of 2023. "Once have rice to cook, we will make great progress!" Hu Xiaohe said.


The rising Belarus National Football Stadium


As a new landmark of Minsk, a “red lantern” is rising, which is the key project of the BRI and an important symbol of friendship between China and Belarus - the Belarus National Football Stadium.


The Belarus National Football Stadium project is located at the intersection of two main roads in the center of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, with the planned land area of 12.48 hectares and the construction area of 48000 square meters. After completion, the project will become the largest, most complete and most advanced professional football stadium in Belarus, which can host European Championships, world cup and other events.


Since the commencement in August 2020, the haze of the epidemic has not dissipated, which has also severely affected the dispatch of personnel, the delivery of materials, and the organization of local resources. In the face of the severe local epidemic situation, the project has steadily advanced the project construction on the basis of the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures such as closed management, individual dining, establishment of isolation rooms, and adequate supply of epidemic prevention materials. The project management personnel voluntarily gave up the opportunity to return to China for vacation, sticked to their posts to deploy on-site personnel, materials, machinery and equipment to cooperate closely. The construction has been in full implemented. In November 2021, the project completed the pouring of more than 7,000 cubic meters of concrete, especially the continuous pouring of more than 2,000 cubic meters of large-scale concrete in 13 hours, which became a local "feat".


Now, the project has completed the pouring of all the first floor roof, and rapidly promoted the construction of the second floor. and the skeleton of the “red lantern” has taken shape. According to the plan, the construction of the main structure in the main building and the steel canopy will be completed by the end of this year.


Bangladesh BRAC University project enters the decoration stage


In Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, a modern campus under construction is rising. After the continuous efforts of 110 Chinese builders and more than 500 local builders, the BRAC University project has entered the stage of electromechanical installation and decoration, and its beautiful shape has attracted the attention of citizens.


As the new campus of the top private university in Bangladesh, the BRAC University project is also the first project of BUCG in this South Asian country. BUCG International staff has worked here for 5 years, striving to present an innovative and sustainable inner city campus to the local people. "Affected by the COVID-19, the organization of production factors has become more difficult, and various building materials, labor costs, sea freight, etc. have increased significantly, which has adversely affected the performance of the project." Yuan Liang, the project executive manager said. Although the overseas project has various difficulties, the project department has more excellent builders. With the support of the BUCG, the project has taken measures such as closed management, overall arrangements for regional returnees to charter flights, increasing the proportion of labor force localization, and carrying out price adjustments with the owners during the epidemic to actively fight the epidemic and promote production.

"We will actively coordinate the forces of all participants, including the owner, to ensure that the project is basically completed in the first half of next year, hand over their new campus to teachers and students of BRAC University, and build an excellent landmark project for Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh." Ren Zhi, the project manager, said firmly.